Dining Out: A Map Resource

Last weekend we hosted some friends from Seattle and we feasted on my gluten-free pizza Friday night. (I’ll post the recipe next time I make it since I forgot to take a photo). When we came back to Portland exhausted on Saturday after a long bike ride we decided to go out to dinner at a Peruvian Restaurant called “Andina”.

I usually eat a little bit before I go out to make it easier to forego the bread appetizer. To my delight, this waiter noticed I wasn’t eating yet and asked me if I was gluten-free. I was shocked that he even knew what that was, and then I was elated when he told me he would go to the kitchen and get me a complimentary order of fried yucca, a root vegetable used in Caribbean and South American cuisine.

I realized right then that I needed to start listing some restaurants on this blog, (starting with Andina) and ask all of you to contribute your favorite places too. Perhaps you have been to a place that offers a special menu. Or maybe you have found a place that uses wheat-free soy sauce? I’d love to find that!

Just click on “View Larger Map” below my Google Map below to add a restaurant where you have had a pleasant experience. When dining out can sometimes be a hassle for people with food restrictions, this resource might provide some relief and enjoyable evenings out! 

Here is another map that the Urban Spoon has put together with some of their top Gluten-Free restaurants!



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One response to “Dining Out: A Map Resource

  1. Julie Lohuis

    Yummy, fried yucca! My favorite.

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