Eugene’s Gluten-Free Restaurants and Markets Hit the News

One can only wish that your family members will jump on board when you make the switch to a gluten-free diet. I have experienced a wide array of familial responses to my new diet over the past 9 years, but I must give the “Most Accepting of My Difficult Diet Award” to my mother. She of all people has embraced the new way of thinking with the most interest and curiosity that makes me gawk each time I go home and open her cabinets. Every time I look, she has introduced new ingredients into her own pantry: flaxseed, a steady supply of nuts, corn chips (instead of Triscuits), and even my favorite Lära Bars! She has even ventured into the amazing bulk section of Market of Choice to try dried lentils and split peas.

Today she called to tell me about an article related to Celiacs Disease and gluten intolerance in the news. The Eugene Register Guard published this article today that highlights a few places in town that are open to gluten-intolerant customers. I didn’t realize that Papa John’s even makes a gluten-free pizza. Thanks, Mom, my biggest fan!


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