Hideaway Cafe and Rediscovering Eugene

I am feeling a bit guilty that I didn’t have a bunch of recipes posted for the Thanksgiving holiday, but most of my free time has been focused on our recent move to Eugene.  Yes, we are moving from the big city back to my hometown! It’s funny though, it still feels like a new place, since a lot has changed since I lived here in high school. One of the best discoveries in my first week in this city is a newer cafe that was started by an old high school acquaintance, Mazzi.

I had a wonderful gluten-free scone at the Hideaway Bakery and I was inspired to do a little gluten-free baking this weekend. (More to come later on my success with a Millet Honey bread). I also had the best soy hot-chocolate I’ve indulged in for a long time. My friends and I chatted while Saturday morning shoppers browsed the small market next to the outdoor patio hosting 5 stands from local farms. Even though the majority of the breakfast menu featured their artisan breads, I was still impressed that they had two gluten-free options. If you are ever passing through this fun college town, check out this great, hidden bakery. Looks like they have a good number of restaurants who offer gluten-free menus too!  http://www.glutenfreeeugene.org/


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  1. Julie

    Good to see you posting again!

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