Holy Donuts!

When the sweet tooth craving sets in there is no better place than Holy Donuts, a new Eugene bakery that offers some gluten-free treats! Here is the Pistachio Rose Cardamom Donut…

After a great workout today, I drove by the sign on Willamette Street reading, “Fresh Donuts”. It was calling out to me. I had heard Holy Donuts offered gluten-free treats, and when we discovered she only took cash, the owner told us we could still indulge and just pay next time we came. We left though and came back with our money in hand and had a nice chat over donuts and tea. I enjoyed her eclectic mix of teacups and saucers, and diverse variety of flavors were mouth watering. Check it out if you are in town!



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6 responses to “Holy Donuts!

  1. Karen

    Nice Photo! Thanks so much Girls. See you next time. Find Us on Facebook where we post our GF menu.

  2. Amy

    I am so sad. I read your blog and rushed down there today. I just had to try a fresh, gluten-free donut. But, alas when I got there, they were sold out. I was told I could order some for the next day, but donuts are an impulse item for me; not something I order.

    There were many, gorgeous non-gluten donuts to choose from, but I can’t eat those. I am hoping that the next time I stop by, there will not only be some GF donuts, but something pretty and intriguing like the one you ate.

    Thanks for letting the world know about Holy Donuts.

    • stefmeyer

      What a bummer…I almost headed over there today after my workout. It’s worth going back another time. I hope you can get there sometime and try them out!

      • Holy Donuts!

        Hi Girls, Holy Donuts! Now has an ever flowing variety of Gluten Free Baked goods and lunch items. Fruit Pies,Quiche,Pudding Parfait, scones,cookies,soups,muffins,and occasional cupcakes! See you soon..

  3. GG

    The gluten free donuts at Holy Donuts are not safe for people with Celiac disease or other serious gluten allergies. They are fried in the same oil as all the other donuts, and also made with the same equipment. This would be more than enough to make me very ill for days. I don’t think they should advertise them as “gluten free”

    • stefmeyer

      Interesting, thanks for the heads up. I guess for people like me who are only gluten intolerant it is okay, but that is good to know for all those people who have Celiac disease! Thanks!

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