CSA and Local Food Shopping: Before I hit the kitchen

Since my last post I have been feeling like spring really is going to come. My indoor seedling starts sprouted with all this sun we have had. I brought in the first blooms from my yard to my kitchen counter for inspiration…this was the first time I really dug the pink countertop in my rental house.

Before I could begin with this challenge this afternoon (yes…the first recipe is coming) I had to do some shopping. Normally I shop in the produce section by first selecting things that are in season and then organic if I can. Sometimes I have a certain recipe in mind. Eating as a “locavore” though proved to be a challenge, because many of these items are not labeled with their origin, only if they are organic or not. Some do say “Grown in the USA”, but that doesn’t help.

I hit the internet and found out about some CSA subscriptions, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready yet to commit to a 6-9 month subscription.  Then in the Eugene Weekly I stumbled upon an editorial with a write-up about Eugenelocalfoods.com, a service that allows you to order produce online and pick it up at the Hideaway Cafe down the street from me! I gave it a try and for $15.00 I picked up a whole bag of fresh smelling carrots, leek, kale, cilantro, and spinach. Not only did it take 5 minutes to click on the veggies I wanted from my computer screen, but the pick-up was efficient and festive. The employees from Hideaway Cafe were setting up for their “outdoor pizza night” in the parking lot; complete with heat lamps, white linens and a large clay oven. On my receipt it even told me the names of the farms where each product originated.

Thanks to the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, I now have a complete magazine on my table with lists of local farms where I can purchase many more of my groceries like eggs, cheese and meat. I can shop online for produce, and Cafe Yumm is working on finding local legumes and grains. I’m off to the kitchen now….

Here are some of the prices for the CSA farms I found so far:

Groundworks Farm: Junction City $21.00 per week for 26 weeks

Winter Green Farms: Noti, OR $24.00 per week for 19 weeks (with option to extend until Nov.)

Sweetwater Farm: Creswell, OR $20.oo for small/week, $33 for medium, $44 for large (option to subscribe month to month)



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2 responses to “CSA and Local Food Shopping: Before I hit the kitchen

  1. Hey! welcome to the neighborhood. Keep an eye out for the Riverbend farm CSA this year http://www.river-bend-farm.com/.
    Even if you don’t join their CSA they are a great place to get apples and pick strawberries (and they are about 10 min. away from the Hideaway bakery.

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