#9: Potato Leek Soup

The other day I woke up and felt like something different for breakfast. I labored for over an hour on some gluten-free waffles and when I dove into the first bite they tasted salty and GROSS! I won’t admit to what happened since it is too embarrassing, but I’ll tell you this: I am NOT going to experiment for the next few days. I am going to go by the book.

I am also going to modify the challenge of posting 100 recipes: I will not invent my own, but I will follow recipes. I have been feeling overwhelmed by the challenge and wanting to just follow a book through from beginning to end. So, I will still post recipes and try to get up to 100 by June 21st, but I am not going to list all the recipes out of respect for Elin England. Just so you know I”ll start with her book first and then move on, since she has about 60 or so recipes. So, you may need to go out and buy her book if you want the actual recipe for what I am making. At least I’ll still be sharing ideas with you…and I am still going to make a menu of the top 10 best for my Summer Solstice Celebration Party (which is only 102 days away!)

The winter weather is now officially back and this soup was the perfect comfort food. It was creamy, tasty and I give it 9 out of 10 stars!! I ended up adding leftover veggie sausages to the soup and even without the milk that it calls for it was so decadent. I liked how she started the recipe by “sweating” the veggies, and I wasn’t familiar with that term.

According to http://www.Ochef.com, “Sweating is a classical technique of cooking food over low heat in a little fat, generally in a covered pan. It is most often done with vegetables, and the point is that they soften and cook in their own juices without browning. You can sweat vegetables in the oven, but most often it is done on top of the stove.”

So, if you plan on voting on the top ten recipes in June and you want to try these out, head to Powells and get yourself a copy and cook with me!! 🙂


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One response to “#9: Potato Leek Soup

  1. Julie

    Sounds like a good soup. I’ve never ventured into cooking with leeks but this recipie is tempting.

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