#10: Spring Frittata

I actually made a frittata that turned out and tasted great! My husband usually doesn’t like eggs but he had thirds on this one, and we only had one piece left to put in the freezer.

This is another one of Elin England’s recipes, but I substituted spinach instead of arugula, since that is what I had in the fridge. Basically I started with the cubed potatoes, olive oil and onion and cooked them for 5 min. in the pan before adding the egg and spinach mixture. I added in a little thyme and leftover veggie sausage. I grated parmesan cheese on top. Again I want to stay away from posting the detailed/complete recipe online, since they are published in her book, but this frittata was a breeze to make and was a tasty lunch that we served right from the cast-iron pan.

I learned that the frittata is pretty much an omelette that you don’t turn; which is perfect for someone like me who always ruins the omelette because of my lack of patience. Here, I left it to cook on a med-low heat and kept the cover on for a bit to make sure the egg was cooked all the way through. It worked!!


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