Food Revolution Premiere

After catching up on reading my RSS feeds last night I saw the ad for the season premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution TV show. I turned it on thinking that it might be like many of the other reality TV shows that have a way of dragging you in to the story line and leaving you feel like you wasted your time when you finish watching. But after a half hour of watching him uncover what we are really serving our children in school cafeterias, I called my mom to tell her to watch. I am still pondering what I saw this morning…

A few years back when I was teaching 6th grade in an elementary school in Portland my mom visited the school for the day. I had told her how poorly the children in my class would eat, and she didn’t believe it until she saw it. So, I already knew about what most schools serve on their lunch menu: processed industrialized food. Yet Oliver still managed to shock me, and as I watched the program last night I was blown away with the scene where the 1st graders could not even recognize their basic vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants or cauliflower. It really hit home, we are a nation that has lost its connection to its food.

I noticed that on Jamie Oliver’s web site you can sign a petition to support his cause. When we aim to eat more locally and with foods that are in season, we are really voting with our fork!! Help support his cause and enjoy his show, it might inspire you to keep up with your healthy cooking!


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