Agave Sweetener in the Spotlight

I try not to fall victim to marketing and current fads in the nutrition world. But after reading this article I realized that Michael Pollan is completely right: we do live in a society where we depend on nutritionists to tell us what to eat instead of trusting our gut and just sticking to whole foods that our ancestors ate. I did believe all the hype that Agave nectar was a new sweetener that was coming directly from the agave plant (hence the word NECTAR).  I never really considered that Agave nectar might not be a whole food, and that it was actually processed to the point of scoring just as bad in the health world as high fructose corn syrup. This article in the Huffington Post is good food for thought….

I guess if we are going to indulge in something sweet we are back to depending on honey and maple syrup?


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  1. Hi–and thanks for giving space for comments. While we’re not sure about Dr Mercola’s information sources, Wholesome Sweeteners appreciates the opportunity to clear the air about Wholesome’s Organic Blue Agaves and how they’re made.

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