Potato Quiche Crust

I have neglected to post for the past few months. My active toddler requires all my attention and by the time I have a chance to sit down to write my eyes are too heavy. As the holidays approach and all the tempting foods make their way into my home, I am determined to be healthy and keep good foods in the fridge (and freezer). I am hooked on making a leftover vegetable quiche each week when I clean out my crisper drawer. I put small portions in the freezer for when I am in a hurry and need a fast meal.

I have been buying spelt crusts up until now. But I have been searching for an alternative crust that doesn’t use refined flour. Ruth Yaron, author of Super Baby Food, has an excellent and simple recipe for a gluten free crust that is innovative and different.

Shopping Cart:

  • Potatoes
  • 1 Tbs. oil
  • Pie pan

All you do is grate the potatoes until you have 3 cups of shredded potato. (I actually mixed in one sweet potato and got a nice orange color.) Then mix it with the oil and press it into the pie pan. Bake it without the filling first for 15 min. at 425 until it is golden brown. Add the quiche filling and bake until quiche is done. She suggests reducing the amount of eggs in your quiche recipe by 3 since the crust is thicker than a traditional crust.




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