Cooking with “friends” in the house…

So this year I am very behind with my prep for brunch. Three days ago I came home to find my house trashed. Plants were toppled over, soap dispensers were toppled over into the sink, books were off the shelf and one stocking was on the ground. At first I assumed someone broke in. Then I thought perhaps we had an earthquake. I never did find out what it was. I was paranoid and always watching over my shoulder. I thought I was going a little crazy. I spent a lot of time cleaning.

Then, this morning I woke up ready to start preparing for brunch on Sunday and I noticed some disgusting droppings in our room that we thought were mouse scat. I screamed, rushed our son out the door and let my husband call any exterminator who would work 2 days before a holiday. When I got home I threw in a load of laundry and I noticed a huge hole in my husbands’ jeans. I let out a scream when I heard something rustling in the closet. That is when my husband came in and started looking for the mice, or whatever it was. He was perfect for the job: mask, traps and he even sent me for a rope.

A few minutes later I heard a scream. “This is much bigger than a mouse.” He came out of the room with a little sweat on his brow and looking a little white. Long story short, somehow a SQUIRREL had found its way into our house. It had trashed the house and then burrowed in our closet for 2 nights!! We got to meet an incredibly nice man who came to our door 10 minutes later with a simple net in his hand. I ended up not watching, but it made it safely out our window after a good chase around the room. My son and I listened from outside the room.

So, instead of cooking, today I spend the morning bleaching every surface in the house. I still have the bathrooms to go.

Christmas brunch is going to be simple this year, but here it is:

  • Cheese Fondue with Asparagus, green beans, peppers, broccoli and bread
  • Birchermuesli
  • Chili Cheese Squares
  • Breakfast sausages
  • Dessert: Fudge

Nothing new this year, but I am going to update my fudge recipe because it turned out better than ever before!! Hopefully we will only have invited guests around this apartment for the rest of the holiday.


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