Natural Easter Egg Dyes from the Kitchen

I just got out the plastic easter eggs the other day and played “Egg Hunt” with my son in our patio. It got me in the spirit to try something new and “green”, especially with Earth Day approaching. Today we are making natural dyes for our easter eggs with cabbage, tumeric and beets. All of these items I already had in my kitchen, all we needed was some extra eggs and some big bibs for my son and his 21 month old friend. Toddler egg dying is an adventure, but well worth the hassle.

I cut the recipes in half, which turned out to be perfect for 2 dozen eggs.

Shopping Cart:



4-5 beets (for pink)

1/2 head of red cabbage (for blue)

tumeric (for yellow)

I’m too tired to write out the directions, they are all posted here:


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