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I wish I could claim “Native-Born Oregonian” status, especially since I consider this beautiful state to be my home base. Yet, many Oregonians don’t tell other Oregonians if they were born in California, so I better be vague and say I am native to the Northwest!

I do find time on my summer vacations from teaching Montessori school to travel the world and connect in other places. I have deep roots in Latin America and I lived in Temuco, Chile for a year. If you have seen the film “The Motorcycle Diaries”, a beautiful portrayal of Che Guevara’s life, my summer break in South America followed his same route. I discovered the magical beauty of the southern hemisphere and lure of travel. 

I consider myself an outdoor enthusiast, and on weekends you can find my husband and I at the climbing gym or outside on a walk. We love to eat healthy and stay fit, but sometimes that can be hard when I look for gluten-free options. Recently I have been motivated to take my time to prepare meals that are local and more traditional. I find myself recreating some of the things I saw Grossmueti (my grandmother) do in her kitchen. Once I started this blog, I started collecting recipes from my husband’s family in Latin America, friends, and my mom too. This blog is about our adventures with food, as we try to eat more local, and more traditional. I hope it can help to inspire you to find ways to be creative with your food, eat less processed foods and enjoy a wide variety of healthy, seasonal nourishment.

December at the Beach 035

The Oregon Coast: A Rare Sunny Surfing day in November 


5 responses to “About

  1. Spencer Lambright

    Hi Stephanie – long time no see! I saw this blog linked off your mom’s facebook – it looks great, I’m going to try the black bean recipe. Hope you’re doing well – you should get a facebook! I’m sure I’m not the first person to pester you about this . . .

    • stefmeyer

      Hey Spencer! Thanks for visiting, yes, I get pestered quite a bit. I am still resisting the urge, and sticking to email and flickr for photos. Hope you are well! Call if you are ever in Eugene!

  2. Kelly

    You are amazing and inspiring. You should write a cookbook! I hope to see you in the near future! I miss you!

  3. J.Root


    Just like Spencer, I came to your blog through your mom’s facebook page. Our daughter Helen (age 4 later this month) is in Montessori preschool here in Missouri, and we love it. I miss Oregon, every day.

    Great to see you here. Don’t be a stranger!!


  4. Cameron

    Hey Stephanie,

    My Mom tipped me off to your blog after you guys’ big celebration today [sorry I missed it!], which was by all accounts quite lovely.

    Your blog is lovely too! I am impressed. You have a beautiful conversational writing style, it’s very engaging. I also love the pictures that you include in your articles, and the way everything is laid out and framed. Even if wordpress has templates and stuff, it still must take some work to get it just so. Anyway, I skimmed through all your articles, because it was just so easy to keep going. 🙂

    You should stick an e-mail address on here or something like that, so that readers can contact you. Or if there is one, I couldn’t find it.

    Having major food limitations like gluten can be awfully miserable, but I love how you are turning it into something positive and fun, a chance to explore food better and incorporate it into your life in a more meaningful way. I don’t know if you can get my e-mail off of this form or not, but it’s firstname_lastname@yahoo.com [except with my first and last name of course, heh]. So feel free to shout back at me that way.

    Take care,
    Cameron L

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