All Year

Year-Round Staples for a Gluten-Free Pantry:

My kitchen always is well stocked with these grains:

  1. Brown Long-Grain Rice (Lundberg Farms is the most local I can find that is Organic, anyone know another rice farmer in Oregon or Washington??)
  2. Quinoa: this grain is an ancient Peruvian grain that is packed with protein but is not local…it also come in red!
  3. Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas (this brand is the closest I can come to a nice soft tortilla, it rolls well if you heat it up)
  4. Rolled Oats: Bob’s Red Mill sells organic gluten-free oats and you can even order them by mail if you don’t want to drive to Milwaukee, OR.
  5. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Baking Mix (for treats and desserts)
  6. Amaranth
  7. Millet

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